Hiking along the Gastlosen

The village of Jaun is known for its very own and rustic customs and traditions. Our themed rooms reflect this culture in all its aspects. One of these rooms is dedicated to hiking. The reservation package includes the ticket for the chairlift, a vitamin drink plus a snack and a sporty menu in our restaurant.

Majestically, the Gastlosen already rise into the sky as you approach Jaun. The Swiss Dolomites are known for their numerous climbing routes and, for some years now, also for the varied hiking trail around the mountain range.

The bus stop for the journey by bus to the valley station of the Gastlosen Express is located directly at the Hotel Wasserfall. The first part of the tour is comfortably covered by chairlift to Musersbergli. Then you start the hike either in the direction of Chalet Grat or to the Soldatenhaus.

The view of the surrounding peaks and the proximity to these jagged limestone rocks will quickly make you forget the exertions. The 5-hour round trip is not to be underestimated with its 800-meter altitude difference. Lush meadows alternate with sparse forests and rocky landscapes. The perfect setting to forget everyday life and arrive in the middle of nature.

Along the way you will find various places to stop for a break or a picnic. In the Bärghus, Chalet Grat or in the Soldatenhaus you can enjoy local specialties. Strengthened, the continuation of the walk is much easier and the wonderful views are a valuable motivation either way.

After an exciting day in the mountains you will sleep especially well in our themed rooms. The "The Wonderful"-room is recommended to match the hike. We offer you the overnight stay together with a guided tour around the Gastlosen, the ticket for the chairlift, a vitamin drink plus Snack and a sporty menu in our restaurant. Book your room comfortably online or write us an e-mail to

The Wonderful

Exploring the Gastlosen

Hiking is the favourite activity in this wonderful region for visitors of Jaun, along majestic mountain tops, and especially the tour of the Gastlosen. This mountain range, also known as the Swiss Dolomites, impresses both visitors and locals. May the theme of this room be there to welcome you and inspire you for your next mountain trip. You are sure to get a good night sleep after your excursion.

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