There is always something to celebrate at Hotel Wasserfall.

We are happy to present you the upcoming events.

Nourish yourself at all levels - a nutrition workshop and holistic health (15 & 16.04.23)

Do you want to make changes in your health? We offer you the right starting point. Welcome to the centre.

It is said that a person is what he eats. By inference, digestion influences human well-being. Harmonious digestion is effectively essential for physical well-being and balance in the immune system. It is vital for mental clarity and global health.

In this two-day workshop you will have the opportunity to focus on your personal intestinal health. The global questions that will be addressed are: "What is my eating behaviour? What is my relationship with my body? How do I feel?

To address the issue in its entirety, the programme includes a theory section, physical activities, mediation and cooking workshops. And of course, everything is intertwined. Thanks to precise information and simple advice, you can apply what you have learned directly to your everyday life.

" Change begins the moment you think about it."

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Rando Yoga (4. & 5.11.2023)

Hiking and yoga in the soothing surroundings of the Fribourg Pre-Alps.

Hikes in very varied landscapes. Whether around the elegant and imposing Gastlosen or in beautiful wild valleys typical of the region and suitable for the group.
From here we can be carried away by the magnificent panoramas of the Fribourg Pre-Alps and the Bernese Alps.

The practices of Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow and Restorative Yoga take place in a beautiful space under the roof. They allow the body to relax in the evening after hiking and tone up in the morning and prepare for the effort.

Yoga is for both beginners and experienced people.