Natural spectacle on the Gastlosen

Mystically, the peaks of the Gastlosen loll against the sky. The imposing mountain range has been impressing locals and guests for decades. The Grossmutterloch in particular exerts a great fascination.

Legend has it that the devil, in a rage, smashed his grandmother against the rock face, thereby punching the hole in the mountain. Whether truth or fiction, either way the special place is worth a visit, especially in the winter months.

At certain times, a unique natural phenomenon takes place there. For a brief moment, the sun pushes through the crevice like a ball of fire and shines through the Gastlosen. A breathtaking spectacle in the middle of an untouched landscape. The perfect moment to pause for a moment and recharge your batteries.

For all nature lovers who don't want to miss this event, our tour package is the perfect offer. Ein einheimischer Guide führt dich mit den Schneeschuhen zum Ausgangspunkt und erzählt unterwegs spannende Geschichten rund um unser urchiges Dorfleben. Optionally, you can complete the tour with a stop at the Bärghus at the mountain station of the Gastlosen-Express and fortify yourself with a delicious snack on your return.

The package also includes a vitamin-rich menu in our restaurant. Linda, our young local chef, conjures up regional specialties on your plate with her team. Refined and skillfully she refines the dishes with her very own touch.

Spend the night at our hotel in our very special themed rooms, each dedicated to a custom or tradition from our region. Plan your experience in advance and do not forget to check the dates before booking the light show. You can easily book our offer online. We are looking forward to seeing you!

The Wonderful

Exploring the Gastlosen

Hiking is the favourite activity in this wonderful region for visitors of Jaun, along majestic mountain tops, and especially the tour of the Gastlosen. This mountain range, also known as the Swiss Dolomites, impresses both visitors and locals. May the theme of this room be there to welcome you and inspire you for your next mountain trip. You are sure to get a good night sleep after your excursion.

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