A fast sledge ride along the Gastlosen

The village of Jaun is known for its very own and rustic customs and traditions. Our themed rooms reflect this culture in all its aspects. One of these rooms is dedicated to the sledge. The reservation package includes, among other things, a day ticket on the sledge run along the Gastlosen chain.

Families in particular appreciate this sledge excursion, with a majestic view on the Gastlosen to get to the starting point. After some refreshments at the restaurant "Bärghus", the fun can begin. The first part is brisk, the descent down to the valley is fast. On the more relaxed section, the adrenaline level goes down and you can enjoy the view of the surrounding mountains.

The middle and last sections of the sledge run promise you pure riding pleasure. The fresh air and rising heart rate will make a few let out some cheering sounds. After six kilometers and some thrilling sensations, you are back in the valley.

To end the day, a local fondue served with Swiss wine awaits you in our restaurant. It is nice to look back on a day filled with adventures and make plans for a future excursion in the mountains.

But one of the highlights of your stay is still waiting for you : sleeping in a sledge bed. The "Zùùgschlitte" (sledge), as it is called in our dialect, was formerly used as a means of transportation during winter. Nowadays, the sledge is only used for fun. It is wonderful to fall asleep in this very special room. Sleep tight!

The wooden sled

As it used to be

Our local craftsman Daniel Julmy took part in the creation of these two themed rooms. In one of them, the bed is in the shape of a wooden sled, so you can slide into sleep, in the winter spirit. Let's not forget that not so long ago, during the winter time, the sled was a very used means of transportation in the whole valley. Nowadays, the sled is a source of escape at the top of the mountain. Families can enjoy a 6 km ski trail in an idyllic decor with a view of the Gastlosen mountain chain.

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